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MY Computer Shop

MY Computer Shop is one of Best shopping sites center online specializes in computer and laptops, printers, networks and accessories in Egypt.The site provide all the needs of customers in all governorates of Egypt the best possible way.We aspire to be the only online destination in Egypt to meet the requirements of our customers in online shopping and buying online.Through the achievement of all electronic shopping features by providing a variety of products to all customers with the best prices. As well as offering the best deals and the highest quality of products. It is an integrated electronic market specialist in the field of computer and laptops, printers, networks and accessories. Offers computer shopping offers powerful on various categories, including laptops and computer networks, printers and devices import Ward abroad and spare laptop parts and computer accessories in addition to the many brands of powerful. We do our best to provide our customers the best shopping experience online in Egypt compared to other shopping centers. Both available online or on the ground. Addition to provide our products at competitive prices compared to other sites online. And we do everything to provide fast service so that products are delivered to your door directly and fastest with the possibility of payment upon delivery to provide you with maximum comfort and safety. We ask you to follow our daily for the best deals. Follow us the daily specials on all products, as you can follow it through our on my Facebook, Twitter, blog, YouTube and Google +, where you will find all the new news easy and our portal browsing provide you with unparalleled comfort as well as fast shipping service to all parts of Egypt. 
Most customers receive their orders and within two days of the application date. You can visit us constantly to inspect the arrival of new products, which are constantly working to expand our product base with all that is new and unique.


MY Computer Shop

The company is one of the specialized companies working in the field of information technology. where we provide a wide range of information technology equipment including networks, laptop, computer and accessories and personal computers. And seeks the company in order to provide products that enjoy the confidence of the customers at competitive prices. We provider of the latest trends and developments that occur to the industry through a variety of products that will satisfy the tastes for various clients.

Our mission... We aspire to attain a distinct home in that area through the provision of computers and Accessories.

MY Computer Shop is important in providing high-quality and reliable products. We are in a constant effort towards providing a high level of practical experience and technical knowledge so that our clients know the craft, which will enjoy it when you work with us with respect to the completion of the business.


Brands we work

ADATA - AMD - AOC - Apple - ASROCK - ASUS - ATI - Belkin - BenQ - BIOSTAR - Canon - CISCO - COOLER MASTER - CREATIVE - D-Link - DELL - ECS - FOXCONN - FUJITSU - Genius - GIGABYTE - HP - Intel - Kingston - Lenovo - LG - LINKSYS - Logitech - MSI - NETGEAR - NVIDIA - PHILIPS - SAMSUNG - SanDisk - Seagate - SONY - THOMSON - TOSHIBA - TP-LINKView - Sonic - Western Digital.


Why MY Computer Shop?

The following are some of the reasons behind the choice of our company to buy from it.

Because we treat customers with the utmost respect.

And represents each sale of utmost importance to us.

Because we offer high-quality products at the lowest possible price.

Because we support each product to ensure the forces of satisfied customers.